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Check out our Running plans.  If you don't see one that fits your needs, let us know we will create one.  

If you haven't notice we like to be creative with our plan names, but always remember they are limited to those length events!

10K Plan

$50.00 per month

  • For the etablished or the new runner looking to gain fitness with minimal coach input
  • Basic Training Peaks account
  • Custom workouts updated and reviewed one time per month
  • Based on heartrate zones
  • Unlimited emails up to 72 hour response time
  • Uploaded workouts reviewed monthly
  • One time set up fee $55.00


$85.00 per month

  • Premium Training Peaks account
  • Custom detailed daily workouts
  • Based on heartrate zones
  • Unlimited emails up to 48 hour response time
  • Phone calls upon client request
  • Block Peaking for Goal Races/Events
  • Advice on goals, equipment, & strategy
  • Uploaded workouts reviewed bi-weekly
  • One time set up fee $55.00


$125.00 per month

  • ​Premium Training Peaks Account
  • Assistance in Development of Goals
  • Weekly Fully Personalized Detailed Training Plan
  • Phone Calls at Athletes Request
  • Unlimited Email Prompt Response Time
  • Changes to Workouts with 24 Hour Notice
  • Workout Analysis and Feedback
  • Timed Block Peaking for Your Goal Event(s)
  • Advice on Race Planning and Tapering
  • Pacing Strategies for Goal Event(s)
  • 1 Time Set Up Fee of $55.00