D. Adam Diem



USA Cycling Coach

Power Certified Coach

Ironman Certified Coach

AFI Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Adam Diem, I am happily married to my wonderful and very supportive wife Carrie Diem.  We are living abroad now in Stuttgart, Germany.  We have been married for a little over 7 years now.  We have a beautiful daughter named Rowan and a wonderful and  energetic chocolate lab named Remington, who is also my MTB partner. 

I got into competitive cycling about 7 years ago.  The first year I really only dabbled in racing, not taking it seriously my first year.  But I was hooked, spent a lot of time reading and talking to people going into my second year.  It was halfway through my second year when I took on and have been hitting my goals and moving forward ever since.

Now a USAC Category 2 racer and living abroad in Germany, where my wife and moved in August of 2014.  We decided to make this move for her career, but it would also mean that I was out of a career and am given the opportunity to basically reinvent myself.  I am extremely excited to spend the next 5 years traveling, enjoying, and racing in Europe.  Not to mention getting the opportunity to go watch some of the biggest pro races of all times.

Upon moving to Germany, I have obtained my Personal Trainer Certification, Spin Instructor Certification, USAC Coaching Certification, and Ironman Coaching Certification.  When me moved my wife told me this was a chance for me to start a career doing something I love and truly enjoy, it didn’t take looking much further than to my bikes to figure out that this was in fitness, and more specifically in endurance sports.  The opportunities and doors that have opened for me to grow and get educated as a coach living abroad in Europe, have been endless and for these opportunities I am extremely thankful and gracious.

 I can’t express how excited I am about this opportunity to work with athletes that share the same passion for the sports I have grown to love, and how great it is and will be to help athletes achieve and exceed their goals!